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MEAM Seminar: “Harnessing Mechanobiology for Therapeutic Innovations: From Brain Tumors to Kidney Tissues” (Kayla Wolf, Harvard)

Wu and Chen Auditorium (101 Levine Hall)

Kayla Wolf Postdoctoral Researcher, Harvard University Dr. Kayla Wolf is developing tissues on-chip to accelerate drug discovery, transplantation, and hypothesis testing. She is particularly interested in the collecting duct and integrating a functional drainage network into engineered kidney tissue. Toward this goal, she has developed a perfusable ureteric bud on-chip that can be used for […]

CBE Seminar: “Deep Learning-Enabled Design of Functional DNA-Binding Proteins” (Cameron Glasscock, University of Washington)

Wu and Chen Auditorium (101 Levine Hall)

Cameron Glasscock Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Washington Dr. Cameron Glasscock is a WRF Postdoctoral Fellow in David Baker’s lab at the University of Washington. His postdoctoral research focused on computational approaches for structure-based design of sequence-specific DNA-binding proteins. Prior to his postdoc, Dr. Glasscock was an NSF graduate research fellow with Julius Lucks and Matthew […]

BE Seminar: “Systems Immunology Approaches for Tissue Repair and Regeneration” (Andres Muñoz-Rojas, Harvard)

Raisler Lounge (Room 225), Towne Building

Andres Muñoz-Rojas Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Immunology, Harvard Medical School Dr. Muñoz-Rojas is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Immunology at Harvard Medical School. He was born and raised in Mexico City and received his bachelor’s degree in Bioengineering at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Muñoz-Rojas completed his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering […]

BE Seminar: “Title TBD” (Claudia Loebel, University of Michigan)

Raisler Lounge (Room 225), Towne Building

Claudia Loebel Assistant Professor of Materials Science & Engineering and Biological Sciences Scholar, University of Michigan Claudia Loebel, M.D. Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Materials Science & Engineering and a Biological Sciences Scholar at the University of Michigan, US. She obtained her MD (2011) at the Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg in Germany and PhD (2016) […]

CBE Seminar: “Chemical Synthesis Enabled by Information” (Tim Cernak, University of Michigan)

Wu and Chen Auditorium (101 Levine Hall)

Tim Cernak Assistant Professor, University of Michigan Tim Cernak was born in Montreal, Canada in 1980. He obtained a BSc in Chemistry from University of British Columbia Okanagan and there studied the aroma profile of Chardonnay wines. Following PhD training in total synthesis with Prof. Jim Gleason at McGill University, Tim was a FQRNT Postdoctoral […]

CPE4H 2024 Symposium: How Engineering Can Play a Role in Precision Medicine

Glandt Forum (Singh Center)

We are thrilled to announce that the Center will host its inaugural symposium on November 8, 2024: How Engineering Can Play a Role in Precision Medicine   This conference will take place in Philadelphia, PA, at the University of Pennsylvania's Singh Center for Nanotechnology. Check back here for more details - including registration information - […]