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The Center for Precision Engineering for Health

CPE4H aims to assemble a synergistic group of scientists working at the interface between engineering and medicine, with the goal of developing quantitative tools, devices, and strategies that will directly contribute to improvements in human health. These efforts will catalyze the ability to move healthcare from providing one-size-fits-all solutions to a system that can recognize the unique health needs of each individual in order to provide personalized treatment and care.

Our Research

Areas of research in CPE4H include customizable biomaterials, active implantable MEMS devices and novel delivery mechanisms for individualized diagnostics, treatments and therapies. CPE4H focuses efforts in:

Drug Delivery

Including the development of lipid nanoparticles that can safely encapsulate mRNA and other high-value active agents, such as proteins, DNA, CRISPR enzymes and guides, and antibiotics and get them to the most appropriate site of action.


Including entirely synthetic materials that are based on the design of biological cells and tissue. These materials would communicate with the body using the same principles that natural cells use to signal to one another.

Responsive Biodevices

Assemblies of biological material that are sensitive to external stimuli, such as light, heat or mechanical stress.


Advanced microstructured materials that are hybrids of biological and non-biological materials, MEMS can be used to connect cells in circuit-like arrangements.

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May 2024

Let’s Build Something Together

CPE4H is connecting and leveraging our extensive community of researchers to develop technologies that will fight future pandemics, cure incurable diseases and extend healthy life spans around the world.